About IPC

About Industrial Products Company

From its very beginnings in 1976 with 3 employees in a 3000 square foot warehouse, Industrial Products Company has been firmly established upon the core principals of providing quality products, exceptional service and innovative solutions.   IPC was at the forefront of developing vendor managed inventory systems and in 1978 established its first manned on-site store.  In so doing, the cornerstone of Industrial Products future success had been laid: On-Premises Vendor Managed Inventory systems.   Building on the concept of providing point-of-use inventory and full time on-site personnel the company has grown, attracting new customers from a wide variety of industries in search of flexible solutions to their inventory needs.

Adding a new facet to its value-added services package, IPC initiated its Third Party Material Storage and Logistics program in 1998.  Working with our customer’s select suppliers, IPC extended its point of use JIT delivery programs to 3rd party inventory, enabling our customers to recapture valuable floor space for manufacturing instead of material storage.   Again bucking the traditional distributor model, IPC had delivered to its customers an innovative solution to an age-old problem: too much inventory.

Always seeking opportunities to expand and enhance the services provided to its customers, IPC launched its Quality Assurance laboratory in 1992, adding full A2LA accreditation in 1998.  ISO certification has also been continually maintained since 1994.  

IPC’s has been ahead of the curve in extending its sourcing strategies internationally and developing direct relationships with qualified Pacific Rim suppliers.   In order to more effectively manage our overseas supplier base, our Fareast Sourcing office and Quality lab was established in 2008.  Our Far East Team plays a key role in qualifying and developing new sources, ensuring critical standards are met, and closely monitoring part production at the source.  Some of IPC’s customer base currently procure other items from the Far East,  As a customer of IPC, our Far East team will audit customer vendors by request.

IPC prides itself on service with programs that go the extra mile in exemplary service that exceeds our customer’s expectations.