Scanner Programs

Customer Driven

If an IPC manned storeroom at your facility exceeds your needs or leaves too great a footprint, let us demonstrate some of our less invasive programs utilizing scanners. 

  • IPC will equip your employees with scanners that double as cell phones to transmit your daily usage real time.
  • We will evaluate and process your usage to make sure that your company is maintaining the right amount of inventory

Prepackage Programs

Our prepackaging programs are designed with your production line as our primary focus.  We are capable of producing bag or box quantities that can be divisible or equal to your lowest individual bill of materials quantity. 

  • Easy to manage and count
  • Reduces inventory hoarding
  • Allows determining of exact amounts to be held onsite
  • Our package programs are a great fit for Customer Driven scanner programs.

IPC Driven (Bin-Stocking)

An IPC staff member will check and replenish stock levels at your facility on a schedule determined by your production needs.

  • IPC will organize and barcode all material to suit your production floor

All of our scanner programs offer detailed reporting regarding:  Trends in usage, Invoicing, and Lot Traceability.